By now I’m sure everyone has heard about the Manchester bombing.  Once again we’re told that this is just the new normal, and that we’ll all have to just get used to our children being blown to bits when they go out for a little evening fun.

As Mark Twain used to say, people all talk about the weather but nobody does anything about it.

I’d like to make the following proposal to President Donald Trump, in the interests of finding a solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism:  Nuke Mecca.

No, I’m not kidding.  Here’s the thing:  Islam has not stopped terrorism, nor will they.  Why should they?  Terrorism is giving Islam what it wants.  So here’s my solution:  nuke Mecca.

What would happen to Islam if Mecca were suddenly a radioactive black hole in the ground?  What would next year’s hajj be like?  Oh, right, there wouldn’t be one.

Imagine the message sent:  your religion is your excuse for killing our children?  Here’s what we think of your religion.  Your holy relics are now carbonized.  Forever.  The qaaba is just a memory now, Mustafa.

The only thing that will stop Islamic terrorism, jihad, is to fight back.  We have nuclear powers, they don’t (well, not much to speak of anyway).  We destroy their religion, the terrorism will stop.  I guarantee it.

If it doesn’t, what’s next?  Nuke Medina?  Nuke Riyadh?  Nuke whatever is left, kill them.  Kill. Them.

It’s the only thing that will work for the people who only respect the strong horse.  Bring them a strong horse and let it stomp them into a bad memory.

Or would you rather just wait for them to kill your children?