Where to begin?  Let’s start with health care.  Liberals were leaping about in unbridled glee a few years ago because of the ACA, which was going to bring health care to everyone.  It’s as if liberals thought of health care as a trip to Disneyland — won’t it be fun!

In my own life, I’ve had four surgeries.  Two of them were complete write-offs that didn’t do anything they were supposed to do — the cyst is still behind my right knee and my hiatal hernia is still active.  I also had my tonsils out when I was a kid, which I later found out was totally unnecessary and caused more problems than it solved.  The only “successful” surgery I had was a vasectomy, which I’m told now makes me five times more likely to develop prostate cancer.  Success!

Then there were all the misdiagnoses I’ve dealt with in the past 12 years — one medication I was mistakenly given sent me to the emergency room and nearly killed me.  My last experience with health care was my (eventual) diagnosis this year of hypothyroidism.  Three of the health care professionals I saw for this condition are still convinced that I don’t have hypothyroidism, in spite of the blood tests and results of medication that prove I have it.

In short, after my own personal experiences with health care, when people asked me if I wasn’t happy that, now that Obamacare has gone into effect, everyone has access to health care?  My response to that has always been that I wouldn’t wish health care on my worst enemy.

Then there’s the concept of “racism.”  If you question a liberal about it, you’ll find that they believe that racism is some kind of virus that people carry inside themselves that has no cause or reason.  (Some people tell me that we get racism from our parents, as if children always do whatever their parents tell them to do.  Anyone who has been a parent, or indeed a child, will tell you this is hilariously bogus.)

Liberals always decry “white supremacy,” as if it’s an error to believe that white cultures are superior to black cultures.  If black cultures are equal, why don’t people go to Zimbabwe for their vacations instead of to Europe?  Obviously they are not equal, and this means that one of those cultures is the superior culture.  Guess which one it is?

My take on racism is that it’s an opinion.  If I say I don’t like Brussel Sprouts, that’s an opinion based on my own experience.  Why isn’t it the same if I say I don’t like black people, based on my own experience?  If I’d had more good experiences than bad involving black people, I might have a different opinion, but the experiences weren’t my fault or idea.

Then there’s feminism, which has ruined families and the workplace simultaneously.  I remember a time in my youth when people at work could say any damn thing they wanted.  We had this thing called “free speech.”  Women apparently can’t handle free speech, therefore it’s been banned from the workplace.  And every time I’ve complained about it, either online or in person, the argument I get is that the First Amendment only says that “government shall make no law abridging freedom of speech.”  Apparently any other entity can abridge freedom of speech, just not the government.  We either have free speech or we don’t, but try convincing some left wing harpy of that.

I recall my first real job, working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  The walls were completely covered with pictures of naked women — I used to describe it as pink wallpaper.  It had no negative effect on the work, and at that time doing the work was all that employers expected of you.  Naked pictures of women cheer men up, as has been proven in tests many times.  It isn’t all about masturbation, and even if it were, who cares?

Now, men can lose their jobs just for telling a woman she’s pretty at work.  Or for saying that gays shouldn’t marry, since it’s an absurdity and a mockery of what marriage is all about.  Heck, where I work I’m afraid to say that I voted for Trump, even though John Bolton works in my firm.  All because people are terrified that some woman somewhere might get offended.  Thanks to “hostile workplace environment” lawsuits, men have to tiptoe around at work and say nothing at all, which is supposed to be somehow less hostile.

I’ve read many articles recently that Trump’s election marks a turning point in that kind of thinking.  I sincerely hope so.